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Top of Page Rotating Ad Space

Unlike other sites who charge you per click, our Top of Page ad space has a single price per thirty days or at the yearly rate. However, space is limited.

An ad will randomly appear each time an agrisea web page is loaded and while that page is displayed, the ads cycle every minute. The graphic may link to whatever content you provide, be it an email address, a page you have on a social media site, or a regular web site, except we do not accept ads that link to x-rated content.

The ad size, in pixels, is 520 wide by 100 high.

What makes our ad service different is that your online presence could host the actual ad, which means you may change it at any time! Alternatively, we can host your ad but then you are limited to only these formats: jpg, png, or gif. While the link-to location is fixed, if you use a landing page that includes "meta redirect" html code, you can then point your ad to your own content.

Ad Options
Link-to location
Ad-graphic location

If you would rather pay with a check, please make it payable to: Agrisea Technologies Corp.
Please include the URL's for both the graphic and the location of where you want the link.
Mail to: Agrisea Technologies Corp.
Attention: Top of Page Advertising
730 North 7th Street, Lakeview, Oregon 97630

If you have any questions, please contact us by calling 1.541.947.2342


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