2016 - Summer
The past winter and spring had snow and rain storms that appear to have helped cancel the multi-year drought the region has had. Yes folks, there is now water in our lakes, so come over to visit and fish because lakes are being stocked. Temps have been quite nice with mild breezes and bright blue skies.

The Festival of Free Flight (where people intentiontionally jump off a mountain, hopefully with wings or sails) is scheduled to be held on July 2nd & 3rd, and followed up by a water festival and fireworks on July 4th at the Fairgrounds - We hope you come out and have fun in Lake county Oregon.

Summer 2015 was one for the record books, unreal heat in June, a thunderstorm with lightning physically over the Fairgrounds during the 4th of July Fireworks show, and days of heat for the remainder of July & August.

Those pesky earthquakes in NW Nevada are still continuing:

Weather Underground PWS KORLAKEV9

Pending Disaster?
An interesting thing to note is the number of web sites talking about sea level rise, some with goofy maps. Years ago, we included a website that you could manipulate based on whatever sea level rise the "experts" were predicting by the year 2100. For those folks who forget that 1 meter = 3.28 feet, you too can figure out what your exact location will look like based on whatever meters you manipulate the graphic to. If you happen to already live there, might consider moving now.

Fire Danger
To remind folks, here are the fire sites to watch: active fires & fire warnings for the entire USA.

Need To Buy Something?
Buy products made in your country, not China. If you want to get your country back to work, you have to buy products made by your fellow citizens.

Reduce your monthly cooling bills by replacing your home's roof with white-colored material, use native plants for your landscaping instead of lawns, remove all Juniper plants (they swallow more water than you can imagine), and if you must have a green lawn (for children or pets) use an artificial material.

Go "green" by using more Metals, which may be reused easily while Plastics requires special types of equipment to process. Only buy products your area can recycle. Read labels, make a difference.

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Last updated: June 23, 2016