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2017 - Summer Heat
We are well in to the heat of summer and while some may prefer the colder weather, the plants are loving this. As of August 3, the highest temp that has been recorded this year was 98.1 set on August 1st. [Please Note: All temperatures mentioned here are recorded by Agrisea's Weather Station.]

SAFETY MESSAGE: With the potential for extreme fire behavior and rapid rates of spread, please be extremely careful when using power tools, firearms and vehicles, as well as more traditional sources of fire, such as matches and lighters.
For fire updates, see SCOFMP and for the latest fire pictures from SCOFMP, see here.

Fire Danger

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Active Fire Mapping Program

Pending Disaster?
An interesting thing to note is the number of web sites talking about sea level rise, some with goofy maps. Years ago, we included a website that you could manipulate based on whatever sea level rise the "experts" were predicting by the year 2100. For those folks who forget that 1 meter = 3.28 feet, you too can figure out what your exact location will look like based on whatever meters you manipulate the graphic to.

Need To Buy Something?
Buy products made in your country, not China. If you want to get your country back to work, you have to buy products made by your fellow citizens.

Reduce your monthly cooling bills by replacing your home's roof with white-colored material, use native plants for your landscaping instead of lawns, remove all Juniper plants (they swallow more water than you can imagine), and if you must have a green lawn (for children or pets) use an artificial material.

Go "green" by using more Metals, which may be reused easily while Plastics requires special types of equipment to process. Only buy products your area can recycle. Read labels, make a difference.

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Supernova Blast BonanzaSpectacular SombreroMessier 81
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