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Fire sites to watch: Northwest Interagency Coordination Center (NWCC), active fires, & fire warnings for the entire USA.

Check Road Cams, Road & Weather Conditions in Oregon

Lake County Cams

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Agrisea's Weather Station Information
  • The picture shown on the Weather Station is (Poseidon). The full size picture is here.
  • Spread the word about our Station by adding a weather stickerŪ to your website!
  • For Town of Lakeview: Every weekday at high noon, the fire siren goes off - This is normal.
  • In an Emergency, Tune Radio to KLCR 95.3 FM
  • RapidFire is enabled, but during Winter (1 October through 1 March) it updates every 30 seconds. The remainder of the year it updates every 180 seconds. You may see it at WeatherUnderground.
  • The Weather Station graphics auto update every 5 minutes. If you do not see current information, click Refresh on your web browser.
  • The weather station equipment is the Oregon Scientific WMR968, which is solar-powered & wireless for the devices outside. The wind direction/speed equipment is located about 6 feet off the ground. The moisture (total rain) year is September 1 through August 31.
  • Internet Connection Provided by Charter Communications.

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Last updated: 27 July 2014