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The Agrisea web site [agrisea.net] contains original graphics and content that Agrisea owns the copyright to. The Agrisea website may display graphics and content originating on Affiliated Partner sites or on third party sites, which are being used with written permission from their copyright holder.

Agrisea copyrights are enforced and should you receive a "take down" notice, you must modify or remove the material as requested. Written permission may be obtained prior to your use of an Agrisea copyright by using the "Submit A Ticket" link at the bottom of every page (next to website version).

As a visitor to the Agrisea web site, you may view the content freely but you may not save images or the content (for any reason) without prior written permission from the holder of the copyright on the images or content. Please request permission to use any image in the Gallery section of the web site.

The following names and phrases refer to products and services copyrighted by Agrisea in the year indicated. These products and services may be active in the current year. Computer brand names are reused for specific model types depending on market demand. Please see the Agrisea Products page for the latest brands for sale.

Created in 1996:
"Agrisea Tornado" [hiatus]
"Agrisea Hurricane" [hiatus]
"Agrisea Pride" [discontinued]
"Agrisea Thunderstorm" [discontinued]
"Agrisea Racing" [hiatus]
"Agrisea" & "AgriSea" [active]
"Agrisea Networks" [hiatus]
"Agrisea Security" [active]
"Agrisea Entertainment" [hiatus]
"Agrisea Research" [active]

Created in 2003:
"Agrisea Pride64" [discontinued]
"Agrisea Tornado2" [discontinued]
"Agrisea Tsunami" [hiatus]

Created in 2007:
"Agrisea Tornado sForce" [discontinued]

Created in 2009:
"Agrisea Pod" [hiatus]

Created in 2011:
"Agrisea Firestorm" [hiatus]
"Agrisea Business Services" [active]

Coming shortly...
"Agrisea Inc." [ ]
AgriSea NZ Seaweed Ltd has written permission to use "AgriSea" in combination with "NZ Seaweed" [AgriSea NZ Seaweed] to use for their products, marketing, and services, including YouTube. Click on the image below to visit their web site.

The following are used with written permission:

"Save A Tree, Communicate Electronically" Copyright © 1986 Edward Agrisea

"Communications @ The Speed of Light" Copyright © 1995 Edward Agrisea

"Agrisea Tsunami Drive The Wave" Copyright © 2006 Edward Agrisea

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