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AgriSea Technologies [AT] was founded in June of 1996 in Gresham, Oregon. The founder of AT had started using AMD in computers back in 1989 and was so impressed with their performance that the decision to only build products using AMD processors was made. Agrisea only designs, builds, and sells branded custom workstations, servers, and server products.

Prior to 2004, all AT computers and servers had a three year warranty. In 2004, the Infinity Warranty was introduced and placed on specific branded desktop systems and offered as an optional upgrade for all other models. The reason that particular warranty was introduced was due to the extreme longevity AT had noticed on all previous models.

January 1, 2021, AT put all branded models on hiatus but has continued upgrades for PCs, servers, workstations, and server products. In-Person On-Site Services and Remote Support services continue.

2024: Sales of new branded products will restart soon.

AgriSea Technologies is a privately held company based in the USA.
Credit card processing is by Square and general banking is with WaFd (Washington Federal).
The Employee Identification Number is: 80-0904787.
Our primary office phone number is: 541-219-1546 which also accepts text messages.
View either the Products or Local Services web pages for hours of on-site operation.

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