About Your Privacy

Privacy Policy
Your private information (name, address, phone numbers, and email address, but not your payment information) is kept for as long as you own one of our branded products or your are an on-site client and is kept in a secured off-line computer (it does not have internet access.) Your payment information is used only at the time of purchase and is secured by Square (if you purchased on-line) or is processed by our bank (if you purchased by check or cash.) We do not retain any of your financial information.

Agrisea does not sell, rent, lease, or loan any customer information to anyone else, unless you give us your written permission and only your name and mailing address is provided to that specific third party. All recurring on-site clients must sign the Agrisea non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement.

As of , Agrisea has never received an order for user data under Section 215 of the Patriot Act.

PLEASE NOTE: Affiliated Partners of Agrisea have their own Privacy Policy and those policies may be very different from ours. It is your responsibility to read and understand those policies before purchasing or using any Affiliated Partner's products or services.

Cookie Policy
Cookies are used by the Agrisea web site for counting visits and by our partners or affiliates for e-commerce.

SPAM Policy
Agrisea does not tolerate SPAM (unsolicited physical or electronic mail) from anyone or any company. It is a violation of Oregon State Law [ORS 646.607] to send unsolicited commercial email to those that reside in Oregon.

On 19 November 2005, Agrisea declared war on Spammers. Spammers Beware - SPAM messages from anyone are traced. Agrisea will apply a civil penalty (nine thousand dollars per incident) and will communicate with State and Federal agencies to have criminal charges brought against Spammers. In addition, Agrisea may block an account address or an entire domain from accessing Agrisea networks if the civil penalty is not paid or the notification is ignored. If you receive a notification from Agrisea about spam originating from your domain, you should pay attention - This is your only warning!

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