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It is the 12th of August 2022 and agriculture is not doing very well in the southern part of Lake County, Oregon. Fruit trees have virtually nothing in the way of fruits and specific veggies are not even producing as compared to previous years. Asparagus yields were tiny, zucchini isn't, and strawberries aren't. The local Fair is held over Labor Day (this year Sept. 5th) and many are wondering what exactly will be on display in the open class for fruits, veggies, and flowers.

A number of factors are affecting fruit trees and the veggies: Last year (2021) we had a combination of a severe drought limiting the amount of water that could be used as well as heavy smoke from fires burning in the area. This year (2022), however, we are able to water but the overnight low temps have been very strange. The following table shows what has been recorded so far:
Month Lowest Temp Highest Temp # days above 40F High # days below 30F Low
January -17F/-32Fwc 51F 23 26
February 3F/-16Fwc 63F 22 25
March 12F 70F 30 23
April 10F 79F 27 23
May 21F 81F 29 11
June 25F 93F 30 4
July 36F/29Fwc 101F 31 0
August (as of 11th) 34F/29Fwc 97F 11 0

Note: All temperatures are from the official equipment located at Lakeview's airport and written down every day. (wc means wind-chill)

Normally, July is in the 80's and August is in the 90's, not in 2022, July has had 21 days of 90F+ temps. What isn't on the July part of the table are the days we had abnormal low temps: 1st) 39F/35Fwc; 2nd) 36F/30Fwc; 7th) 36F/29Fwc; 8th) 39F/34Fwc; 16th) 39F/34Fwc; 17th) 39F/34Fwc; 18th) 37F/32Fwc; 20th) 39F/34Fwc. In-ground plants should be covered with those types of lows over night but not many did that, especially when the daytime temps were over 90F.

What gardeners may have to do is switch to hydroponics inside greenhouses to keep temps up over night and provide concentrated water to the plants they are growing. Doing hydroponics these days is much easier than in the past and in a greenhouse is pretty smart.

Fire Danger
To remind folks, here are the fire sites to watch: active fires in Oregon & for western states.

Climate Change or Something Else?
Here is a thought (or 2), we wonder just how much water humans have extracted from underground, ever, and how much has been re-injected? Since humans have appeared on Earth and started to pump out underground water supplies, there is now more water on the surface and in the atmosphere than at any other time during human history. We suspect that the droughts, "historic" floods, ground sinking under cities, sink holes, and very strong storms are all due in part to these issues. On top of that, Earth is getting warmer which is unleashing more problems as methane deposits thaw, ice melts, etc. etc. We need a global discussion on this to help find the solutions.

Pests to be on the look out for:

"A spotted lanternfly (SLF), Lycorma delicatula, was found in Oregon for the first time in October 2020 in a shipment of planters and ceramic pots from Pennsylvania. The female specimen was dead and dry when found. This is a cause for concern because SLF poses a threat to tree fruit and grape production, which are both important to Oregon's economy." [Source: PDF from the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

"Murder Hornet"
[Click to view article on LiveScience]

For the hornet, Praying Mantis will take care of them. For the Houdini Fly: "Please do not unnecessarily move bee blocks or boxes around."

[Click here to read up on this pest

Pending Disaster?
An interesting thing to note is the number of web sites talking about sea level rise, some with goofy maps. We used to link to a website that you could manipulate based on whatever sea level rise the "experts" were predicting by the year 2100 - That site no longer exists... However, NOAA has a sea level rise viewer for coastal areas of the USA. Another type of Flood Mapper exists over at USGS that you can use for current weather-related floods.

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