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Agrisea's Weather Station Information
  • On the weather station panel, the first section's center column (under Local Conditions) is a direct feed from our weather station.
    - Regional Radar & Satellite - Both images are coming directly from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA].
    - The 7 Day Forecast is a link to WeatherForYou.
    - Details is currently all of the data the station has collected today.
    - NOAA Reports is the data the station sends every 24 hours.
    - Station Reports are the monthly & yearly data we collected, helpful if you are observing trends.
    - Water Vapor shows the global view, use the U.S. Regions and pick a specific area then all channels - On that page, select whichever view you want.
    - Temp. Convert is provided for those who insist on using C instead of F.
    - The weather advisory or statement section is now pulling directly from
    - The spectrum graphics for wind gust & wind chill are only used in the winter and in the summer other graphics are used.
    - The Weather Station information updates every 5 minutes by reloading it's frame, automatically. In addition, our data is sent to PWS weather every 5 minutes.
    - We use the Oregon Scientific WMR968 weather station equipment, which is solar-powered & wireless for the devices outside. The wind direction/speed equipment is located about 6 feet off the ground.
    - The picture shown under Local Conditions (when not a holiday picture) is (Poseidon). The full sized picture is here.
  • If you would like to be a sponsor of our station, click on the quarter you would like to sponsor.
  • For Town of Lakeview: Every weekday at high noon, the fire siren goes off - Do Not Panic, this is normal.
  • In an Emergency, Tune Radio to KLCR 95.3 FM

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