Agrisea's e-Recycling Program

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If the Agrisea-branded computer (or server products) you purchased has out lived it's life, please Submit a Ticket for information on how you may ship that product back to us and receive an Agrisea credit. Serial numbers must be provided and are checked against our list to make sure the item you have was originally sold by Agrisea.

Valid Agrisea-brands sold since 1996 are:

  • Agrisea Firestorm
  • Agrisea Hurricane
  • Agrisea Pod
  • Agrisea Pride
  • Agrisea Pride64
  • Agrisea Thunderstorm
  • Agrisea Tornado
  • Agrisea Tornado2
  • Agrisea Tsunami
  • Agrisea Tornado sForce


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