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We reserve the right to refuse service or sales to anyone, without prior notice.

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After the US Supreme Court's ruling on internet sales tax [June 21, 2018], Agrisea's Tech Store now only allows sales to States without a sales tax. [Residents of Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire, Montana, & Oregon qualify.]


If you have a hard drive and use Windows, your files will become fragmented which leads to a slow computer. Since 1996, we have specified Diskeeper as it is the fastest defrag program around. Click here for the trial version.

If you have trial versions of software from Absolute LoJack, CloneDVD, Condusiv, DJMixerSoft, IObit, Mobirise, Pablo Software Solutions, Panda, or Swimbi, upgrade here.

Important Details
OnSite PC Services
[Lake County, Oregon Only]
Winter [Oct. 1-May 31]:
M-F 10am-4pm
Summer [June 1-Sept. 30]:
M-F 10am-5pm
Sat. & Sun.: Closed
Closed Holidays
Ph/Txt: 541-219-1546

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Our Products

So, what makes an Agrisea-branded PC special? After more than twenty years in business, Agrisea Technologies Corp. knows quite a bit about what goes in to the design and build of a quality PC. We could go on and on about what is inside the case but here is the thing, we have the Infinity Warranty - Who else in the entire industry has it? Part of our success is because we build everything using AMD's processors and have been since our company started in 1996.

Every Agrisea-branded PC, server, workstation, whatever, is built by hand in Oregon (USA) by Agrisea. Only the most reliable parts from major manufacturers are incorporated in to our products because we demand performance & longevity. Agrisea is not building the cheapest things found at discount stores that generally break just after their warranty expires.

See for yourself, check out the specifications for all of our models. If you would rather have a product designed for what you are doing, submit a ticket with which product interests you and what components you really need - We will reply with a quote - If you are happy with that quote, reply and we will send you an invoice (which allows for credit card payment if product cost is under $50,000).

Consumer & Gaming PCs
click to view Agrisea Tornado sForce Specifications & Buy Online
click to view Agrisea Tornado Specifications & Buy Online
[The Agrisea Tornado also comes in a business model but is restricted to local clients only.]

click to view Agrisea Firestorm Specifications & Buy Online

click to view Agrisea Hurricane [workstation] Specifications & Buy Online

click to view Agrisea Tsunami [server] Specifications & Buy Online

click to view Agrisea Pod [JBOD] Specifications & Buy Online

Commercial Financing
Buy Agrisea-branded products and other equipment with our partner Ascentium Capital

Thank you for your business, we appreciate it.

Want to buy an Agrisea-branded product without using a credit card? In the menu to the left is the link to the Mail Order form.

click to view certificateAgrisea Technologies Corporation is a IObit Certified PartnerAgrisea Technologies Corporation is a Condusiv Registered Partner

Oregon E-Cycles Notice
Oregon E-Cycles is a statewide program that began January 1, 2009 [ORS 459.300-.365]. It provides free recycling of computers, monitors, televisions, printers, mice, and keyboards. The program is financed by electronics manufacturers and jointly implemented with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), who also maintains a list of manufacturers brands and compliance status.

Also on January 1, 2009, Oregon retailers (and those who sell to Oregon residents) may only sell those computers, monitors, and TV models that are listed as compliant on the list DEQ maintains. If a brand is not listed, it may not be sold in or into Oregon. Sales restrictions apply to all types of sales including in-store, catalog, phone, and internet sales.
Agrisea-branded computing products are listed, see for yourself.

To read more about the Oregon E-Cycles Program, please click here or on the logo below.

Only valid Agrisea-branded computing products may be returned to Agrisea for an in-store credit - We do not accept other manufacturer's equipment. The computer case (or server product) is accepted. For more information, please click here.

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