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New offers from ReviverSoft, WinZip, Corel, MindManager were added to the Support page (under Products).

Oregon's Right To Repair Law:
Oregon recently passed their version of a right to repair law so as an Original Equipment Manufacturer of desktop PC's, workstations, and servers, we have decided to compile a list of the tools we use. These are not Amazon links, these are the actual tools we use, that we buy from our suppliers. That list, with prices, you can order from us and we will ship to you (USA Only, we don't export!) is located here or click on the Store icon in the top menu. Buy whatever you need.

In Local Services:
Added Appointment Calendar so you can see what we are doing, where, or add yourself to it - If you add a job, please notify us by the office phone number.

Having problems with your PC, network, printers, etc.? Contact Agrisea.

In Products:
The short off & on blips, brownouts (where lights dim) or over voltage (when lights get much brighter than normal) can damage equipment. We sell Tripp Lite's "Protect It!" surge bars and AVR (automatic voltage regulation) battery backups, because they include lifetime connected equipment insurance. [High draw power items, such as multi-function laser printers, tv's, and copiers should be using one of TrippLite's "Protect It!" surge bars, which also have a lifetime connected equipment insurance of $2,500 and a lifetime warranty.]

If the power is out, there is no reaason that you can't still do business - We work with Tripp Lite (by Eaton) engineers to design a power backup solution for your business, all you need to do is contact Agrisea.

In Trivia & Chat:
Join us for Casual Chat on Wednesday & Friday, and Trivia Chat on weekends - It all starts at 6pm Eastern time.

In Security:
A collection of FIXES for scams, malware, ransomware, etc. [Agrisea Security]

In Gallery:
Pictures from in and around Lake County & Florence, Oregon. [click here]

In Agrisea Documents:
Link to current Agrisea docs.

To contact Agrisea, submit a ticket - a link is located on the bottom of every page.

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