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In Research:
Updated area ag-news & added State of Oregon link for Fire Evacuations.

In Local Services:
The fiber optic cable has been repaired and all services have been restored to southern Lake county, Oregon. We thank all of you for your support and business.

In case you are unaware, that fiber optic cable goes from Lakeview to Klamath Falls and then ends in Medford and stopped working at 5:42pm Saturday 7/22/23 and came back online between 4:35pm & 4:40pm 7/26/23.

Businesses are more connected today than in past years and need a stable internet so we strongly suggest that all businesses use STARLINK along with Vonage's Voice over IP for their local phone service (Vonage's service knows when there is no internet connection and sends calls to cellphones so you stay in business.)

In Products:
XEROX has discountinued their Everyday Toner line - We have some stock, call or text us to get prices.

A glaring hole in local business is a lack of power backup when the power goes out. The short off & on blips, brownouts (where lights dim) or over voltage (when lights get much brighter than normal) can damage equipment. We sell TrippLite battery backups with automatic voltage regulation and a lifetime connected equipment insurance policy. [High draw power items, such as multi-function laser printers, tv's, and copiers should be using one of TrippLite's "Protect It!" surge bars, which also have a lifetime connected equipment insurance policy - The cheapest surge bar is $20 and has a $2,500 insurance policy.]

If the power is out, there is no reaason that you can't still do business IF you have battery backups operating to keep things powered. We work with TrippLite engineers to design a power backup solution for your business, all you need to do is contact Agrisea.

Warning: Brother printer owners must not upgrade their printer's firmware as it will stop allowing compatible cartridges (ink) & possibly toner to be used in the printer. Please see Products for more details.

Still using Windows 7 & 8? Microsoft ended support on January 10, 2023. Local clients: We can upgrade your PC to Windows 10 so that you can get updates to the software you use. Windows 10 is set to expire in October 2025 (probably supported through Oct. 2027.) If you would rather run Windows 11, your current PC would need to be tested and if it can't, we have a hardware upgrade for cheaper than what a new PC with the same specifications would cost.

Xerox Printers, Copiers, & Everyday Toner; Financial Services; and TrippLite power protection are all under Products.

In Gallery:
Pictures from in and around Lake County & Florence, Oregon. [click here]

In Trivia & Chat:
Join us for Casual Chat on Wednesday & Friday, and Trivia Chat on weekends - It all starts at 6pm Eastern time.

In Agrisea Documents:
Link to current Agrisea docs.

To contact Agrisea, submit a ticket - a link is located on the bottom of every page.

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