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Agrisea's Tech Store has returned! Please register and log in if you would like to see all of our prices. With our credit card processing with Square, a maximum of $50,000 per order in a variety of formats [i.e. in the store, in person, electronic invoice, etc.] is possible. And if you have an even higher order, we invite you to work with our commercial financing partner Ascentium Capital.
The Agrisea website is secure if you update your bookmarks/favorites and add the "s" to the "http" [so it is https].

In Security:
AMD Ryzen & Epyc Processors Affected with Security Vulnerabilities? - Please visit Agrisea Security to learn what is happening right now..

In Products:
Specifications for all Agrisea-branded products have been updated
Every Agrisea-branded product has options: what you see on the product's specifications page may be an extreme configuration of that model or the most inexpensive. In any case, all you need to do is submit a ticket, tell us what options you need and configured in which model's case. The Agrisea Tornado sForce was actually a client request for a very small case style for his DJ business that he could put in a home-made rack and move around as needed.
Agrisea-branded products are "Made in the USA" and come with your choice of operating system: ubuntu Linux 64-bit or none.

In Research:
Spring is supposed to be here - Head over to Agrisea Research for the very latest.

In Local Services:
If you currently have an on-site service contract, please be advised that once it expires it will not be renewed.
"Security Products" which includes wireless cameras with a dvr that allows remote viewing and alarm systems.

WINTER Hours are in effect for local clients requesting OnSite PC Services.
To contact Agrisea, submit a ticket - a link is located on the bottom of every page.

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