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As an essential service, we continue to operate on-site services during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need Virtual or On-Site services, please contact us. For on-site, we continue to wear masks - It's our health at risk if we don't wear a mask - Thanks for your understanding. Click on the Local Services icon above (in the menu) if you need help or Use the Submit a Ticket system to request service.

Climate Change or Something Else?
Here is a thought (or 2), we wonder just how much water humans have extracted from underground, ever, and how much has been re-injected? Since humans have appeared on Earth and started to pump out underground water supplies, there is now more water on the surface and in the atmosphere than at any other time during human history. We suspect that the droughts, "historic" floods, ground sinking under cities, sink holes, and very strong storms are all due in part to these issues. On top of that, Earth is getting warmer which is unleashing more problems as methane deposits thaw, ice melts, etc. etc. We need a global discussion on this to help find the solutions.

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Xerox Printers, Copiers, & Everyday Toner; Financial Services; and Tripp Lite power protection

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