Agrisea's Remote Support

In order for Agrisea to do a remote service call, you will need to have an internet connection that is working.

Not Installed Directions
If you have been an Agrisea PC Services contracted client (on your Windows PC) look in one of these folders on your desktop for the TeamViewer program icon:
"agrisea installed...", "utilities", or "Help & Support" (where it is depends on if you were a contract client who was converted after your contract expired.) If you have never had Agrisea fix your PC or do not have the TeamViewer program, please download it now from: - In the pale blue section are other versions of the software, such as for Linux, Chrome, MAC, etc - Pick the version that matches your operating system if the TeamViewer site did not correctly detect it. During the install, you will see:

Items circled should be selected and below arrow, click on Accept-Finish for the install to complete.

Already Installed Directions
For those that already have the software installed, when you double left click on the program icon, you may see this:

What is circled in red is the download to the latest version.. You may be given two options, never select the beta version, left click on the regular version and it will install. After install, that download button may light up again as it really wants you to install the beta version - ignore it.

Where To Call
Now you are looking at the program - The two red arrows are the information you need to tell Agrisea when you call for Remote Support (price is $45/hour and you will be electronic billed via an Invoice from square or you can use our store to purchase.) When you are ready, call Agrisea at 541-219-1546.

Please stay on the phone (please remove your hand from the mouse (grin)) and tell us what you need us to fix. Make sure to close the TeamViewer program & reboot the PC after Agrisea is done.

This type of remote support is secure in that Agrisea will never call you to provide the userID & password of your computer - We wait for you to call us.

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