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When you purchase anything from Agrisea, you are provided with a copy of this notice. In addition, Agrisea-branded PCs preloaded with an operating system will have a number of resources located on the desktop in a folder named "Help & Support"

Please contact Agrisea by one of the methods indicated on the warranty paper or electronic format, included with your product before returning your defective product to Agrisea (prepaid and insured) for any warranty work.

Sales Notice
Residents of California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington, Washington D.C., West Virginia, & Wisconsin may not purchase any products from Agrisea. Those states have restricted OEMs from selling computing equipment to their residents unless electronic recycling fees are paid in advance & yearly. We do not sell millions of computers every year and can not comply with such restrictive laws.

Refunds & Exchanges
Every Agrisea-branded product is custom built for the customer so no refunds or exchanges are allowed. All products that are under warranty may be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of the manufacturer of it. Agrisea may be able to get reduced prices for various components during our distributor sales events, we pass those savings along to our clients by issuing a refund when the order ships (depending how the order was paid: via either Square (for credit card orders) or a check is enclosed (for mail orders)).

Warranty Restrictions for Desktops & Servers
Doing these actions will void your warranty.
  • If you intend to Overclock the processor (CPU), memory, and/or video cards, be aware that this is at your own risk.
  • Removal or disconnection of cooling fans and/or cooling devices originally installed.
  • Intentional damage and misuse of the hardware.
  • Most consumer PCs are not designed to operate in extreme environments, (very dusty, high heat, low humidity, or high humidity) - Agrisea sells enclosures that will allow operation in an extreme environment though it costs extra. Failure to take precautions is considered as 'Intentional damage.'
  • A high quality surge-bar is included with every Agrisea-branded Desktop PC to help protect it from dangerous voltages and must be used with your new PC - The surge bar is not designed to power laser printers or other power hungry devices.
  • Do not allow anyone other than an Agrisea-approved technician or service facility to modify your hardware during the warranty period.

Non-Agrisea Warranties
All non Agrisea-branded products sold will indicate how long the warranty period is. The manufacturer of the product you purchase may require the dealer (Agrisea) to only contact them for customer claims while other manufacturers allow customers to contact them directly. Since that can be confusing to customers, our policy is this:
Agrisea represents the customer for all claims for the first year of the warranty period, provided the product has a warranty that long [If a customer's purchased product only has a three month warranty, Agrisea represents the customer for only those three months, not a year, obviously.]

Agrisea-branded one, two, three, four, or five Year Warranty
Agrisea provides a parts and labor warranty period for every specific Agrisea-branded product, please see your documentation to see what applies. Warranty service is provided for carry-in, customer-prepaid ship in, on-site (Agrisea covered areas only, excluding on-site fees, if any), or repair by an authorized Agrisea-approved technician or service facility. No other types of warranty claims are valid and work done on your computer by someone other than those of Agrisea or approved by, will void your warranty.

Agrisea's Infinity Warranty
The "Infinity Warranty" may be included on specific Agrisea-branded PCs or is offered as an upgrade during the first ninety (90) days of ownership to the client. No matter what breaks, we will repair or replace it, forever.

Even if you sell your Agrisea-branded product to someone else, the new owner has the option of transferring the Infinity Warranty (within thirty (30) days) by sending Agrisea the transfer fee (see your paperwork for the fee.) The Agrisea-branded product will then continue to be covered by the Infinity Warranty.

If you need to upgrade an internal item, buy that item from Agrisea and have it installed by Agrisea, and it will be added to your Infinity Warranty. No one else in the entire industry has any kind of warranty like Agrisea does - We design our computers and servers to last.

Please Note: Certain bundled products (keyboard, mouse, speakers, ethernet cable, surge bar or UPS) are not covered by the Agrisea Infinity Warranty but are covered by whatever warranty the manufacturer of that product has. Read the enclosed paperwork or the electronic version for the item with that information.

All Agisea-branded desktop computers with the Infinity Warranty may return (pre-paid & insured) their computer to Agrisea where all hardware will be tested and replaced as needed with new components. The refresh may replace your PC's video card, power supply, motherboard, processor, memory, dvd or blu-ray burner, and hard drive or SSD.

We urge you to do backups of either your hard drive/SSD data files (not programs) often.

There is a form located in your paperwork (or in electronic version) that must be filled out and submitted when you return your computer for a hardware refresh. That form authorizes Agrisea to view the data contained on your computer's hard drive/SSD, and if needed, to back it up to another device in case a new hard drive or SSD is required. Your original hard drive/SSD will be erased and destroyed before it is recycled, however, if you would like it back not erased, an additional fee will be required.

An Agrisea Customer has one (1) refresh per computer under this warranty. If another refresh is required (unless a model shows two), an additional fee is required - Contact Agrisea to request a quote.

Legal Statement For Warranties
Neither Agrisea nor any of the Agrisea companies warrant, either expressed or implied, that the products for sale at Agrisea are fit for any particular purpose. Your sole and exclusive remedy in the event of a defect in material or workmanship, under normal use, is expressly limited to replacement of the defective item during the warranty period as noted on your original sales statement. Any software distributed or sold with a computer is covered by its own licensing agreement and neither Agrisea nor any of the Agrisea companies are liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from any defects in the software. Agrisea warranties shall be construed, interpreted, and governed by the laws of the state of Oregon and shall inure to the benefit of Agrisea and the Agrisea companies, administrators, heirs, and assigns.

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