Local Services for Lake County, Oregon

We reserve the right to refuse service or sales to anyone, without prior notice.

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Important Details
OnSite PC Services
[Lake County, Oregon Only]
Winter [Oct. 1-May 31]:
M-F 10am-4pm
Summer [June 1-Sept. 30]:
M-F 10am-5pm
Sat. & Sun.: Closed
Closed Holidays
Ph/Txt: 541-219-1546

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On-Site PC Hardware & Software Services

If your home or business PC is having software or hardware problems and you live in Lake County, Oregon, contact Agrisea - We come to you.

Using our Help Desk, Submit a Ticket that includes your physical address and what problems you are having.

Our Rates:
Residential clients pay $50/hour
Commercial clients pay $40/hour
Weekend rates are double & holiday rates are triple.
Depending on your location in Lake County, Oregon, an on-site service charge may also be included. We do not have any on-site services for residents of California or Nevada.

Computer Upgrades

Upgrading an existing computer is generally cheaper than purchasing a brand new one. Please use our Help Desk, Submit a Ticket, include what you have now (if you know) and what you would like to have - We will reply with a price quote for whatever hardware & software is needed, including on-site installation and optimization.

Security Products

Agrisea offers on-site installation of wireless cameras with DVR (and it allows remote viewing if there is an internet connection) - Starting at $350 for 4 wireless cameras (power required) & a 500GB hard drive installed in a DVR.. The Alarm system is also wireless (except hub) and uses either an internet connection or cellular network for monitoring - Prices depend on the number of sensors needed. Contact Agrisea if interested.

OnSite Terms & Conditions

Credit Cards accepted for On-Site clients.

Oregon E-Cycles Notice
Oregon E-Cycles is a statewide program that began January 1, 2009 [ORS 459.300-.365]. It provides free recycling of computers, monitors, and TVs. The program is financed by electronics manufacturers and jointly implemented with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), who also maintains a list of manufacturers brands and compliance status. Starting in 2015, keyboards, mice, and printers will be added to the program.

Also on January 1, 2009, Oregon retailers (and those who sell to Oregon residents) may only sell those computers, monitors, and TV models that are listed as compliant on the list DEQ maintains. If a brand is not listed, it may not be sold in or into Oregon. Sales restrictions apply to all types of sales including in-store, catalog, phone, and internet sales.
Agrisea-branded computing products are listed, see for yourself.

To read more about the Oregon E-Cycles Program, please click here or on the logo below.

Only valid Agrisea-branded computing products may be returned to Agrisea for an in-store credit - We do not accept other manufacturer's equipment. The computer case (or server product) along with the mouse and keyboard (if originally sold with the product) is accepted. For more information, please click here.

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