Local Services for Lake County, Oregon

We reserve the right to refuse service or sales to anyone, without prior notice.

Important Details

OnSite PC Services
[Lake County, Oregon]
Winter [Sept. 1 - May 31]:
M-F 9am-4pm
Summer [June 1 - Aug. 31]:
M-F 9am-5pm
Sat. & Sun.: Closed
Closed Holidays

Office Phone #
Call or text

On-Site Hardware & Software Services

If your home or business PC is having software or hardware problems and you live in Lake County, Oregon, contact Agrisea - We come to you.

Using our Help Desk, Submit a Ticket that includes your physical address and what problems you are having.

Our Rates:
Residential clients pay $75/hour
Commercial clients pay $60/hour
Any orders for parts or new equipment must be Pre-Paid, our policy since 1996 - All sales are final.
Depending on your location in Lake County, Oregon, an on-site service charge may also be included. We only operate on-site in Oregon. Virtual on-site support is world-wide.

Please note that we have lots of other services that we can do for clients, for instance, we sell and install wired or wireless security camera systems; we sell point to point "invisible" wireless connections; banners, flags, signs, decals. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

OnSite Terms

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