Local Services for Lake County, Oregon

We reserve the right to refuse service or sales to anyone, without prior notice.

Important Details

OnSite PC Services
[Lake County, Oregon]
Winter [Sept. 1 - May 31]:
M-F 9am-4pm
Summer [June 1 - Aug. 31]:
M-F 9am-5pm
Sat. & Sun.: Closed
Closed Holidays

Office Phone #
Call or text

On-Site Hardware & Software Services

If your home or business PC is having software or hardware problems and you live in Lake County, Oregon, contact Agrisea - We come to you.

Using our Help Desk, Submit a Ticket that includes your physical address and what problems you are having.

Our Rates:
Residential clients pay $75/hour
Commercial clients pay $60/hour
Weekend rates are double & holiday rates are triple.
Any orders for parts or new equipment must be Pre-Paid, our policy since 1996.
Depending on your location in Lake County, Oregon, an on-site service charge may also be included. We only operate in Oregon.

Still using Windows 7 & 8? Microsoft ended support on January 10, 2023. Local clients: We can upgrade your PC to Windows 10 so that you can get updates to the software you use. Windows 10 is set to expire in October 2025 (probably supported through Oct. 2027.) If you would rather run Windows 11, your current PC would need to be tested and if it can't, we have a hardware upgrade for cheaper than what a new PC with the same specifications would cost.

OnSite Terms

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